Jury at Isla Calavera

Aïda Ballmann, jury at film festivals

Following her experiences as a jury member at film festivals

2013 CineEsCena

2014 Cinedefest

2016 Cinedefest

2017 DocuRock

2018 Cine Noir

2018 Cinedfest

2018 Tiempo Sur

2019 Cinedfest

2021 DocuRock

2021 Isla Calavera

Aïda Ballmann decides, among the other members of the jury of the film festival Isla Calavera de Tenerife, which celebrates its gala at Multicines de Tenerife, among the best horror feature films.

“I am always motivated by looking at other people’s work to push myself to create.” “I find it very difficult to choose one work as better than others. The simple fact of daring to express an idea or concept is already an act of courage. Evaluating and comparing pieces of art is very subjective, but sometimes you see something and it grabs you because everything just fits. I love works with soul and technique”.

Aïda Ballmann is grateful to have been able to take part in this experience and congratulates not only the winners, but also all the participants.

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