Sand Path addresses migration, by telling the family story of the Canarian-German actress and director Aïda Ballmann who travels through Senegal visiting the places where her parents lived before she was born. In this adventure she discovers that her identity is the product of a Senegalese, Canarian and German cultural mix.

Sand Path invites you to reflect on humanity, cultural mixtures and the learning opportunity offered by this diversity. Beyond that, humans have much more in common than differences. From that point of view, what is the point of wars and borders?

Sand Path

Documentary Film by
Aïda Ballmann

Technical data

Título: Sand Path| Camino de tierra | Sandweg

Gender: Short documentary film, road movie

Theme: Migration, integration

Year: 2018

Status: Distribution in

Director: Aïda Ballmann

Production company: Arteria Films

Duration: 21´

Format: Television

Countries: Senegal | Gambia | Europa

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Ollof & French

Camera: Sony Exmor R SteadyShot

Photos of the filming