Aïda Ballmann is an actress from the Canary Islands, Spain, with German origins. She gained her language abilities, fluent Spanish, German and English, during her international and multidisciplinary education in the field of performance, circus and acting.

As the daughter of the renown painter Kitabo, Aïda Ballmann and her three sisters grew up surrounded by nature on the colourful and magical island El Hierro, one of the seven Canary Islands. This enchanting environment, the music, reading, writing, clowns, the circus and above all, her imagination, filled the first years of her life.

Aïda’s desire to discover the world made her travel through Latin America. This great adventure played a crucial role in her life, as she discovered her passion, the world of the performance.

To fulfill that dream she moved to Asturias to commence her studies in drama. Then she has carried out advanced courses on Meisner and Strassberg technique in Cologne, Germany, in order to improve her acting.

After working in theatre and as stuntwoman, Aïda performed her first leading role in “The Extraordinary Tale” (from José Francisco Ortuño and Laura Alvea). The movie has received national and international awards and has been screened in international festivals, events and cinemas over Europe, EE.UU and Colombia. Aïda has been awarded “best actress of the year” by the prominent international independent movie web ‘’ and at the Independent Film Festival at Cardiff and she has been nominated best actress in the Andalucian Cinema awards. Furthermore she received excellent critics from the prestigious paper “The Hollywood Reporter”, amongst others.

Aïda participated in the series “Lo que escondían sus ojos”, “Brigada de fenómenos”, “El Tiempo entre costuras” and “Águila Roja” (for the Spanish television) and shot “La velocidad de nuestros pensamientos” from Nacho Chueca (Spanish production) and “Lebwohl Paradies” from Lars Ostmann (German production).

Recently she has been awarded as best actress at Festivalito and at Awards Leoncio Morales for her cultural contribution and was part of the cast of “Atlántico Inconquistable. Capítulo II: El Hierro”, from Guillermo García López.

She just finished her first documentary film about migration called “Sand path”, as director, producer and script writer.

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