Cora is 8 years old and has a pacemaker, which forces her to suffer the rejection of her schoolmates, who consider her a robot girl made of metal covered with skin. Since she can remember, her mother has been telling her that her heart was built by a forest fairy, a magical little being who chose her to carry an ideal organ that would never fail and that would give her many good things in the future. . This legend would be enough to keep the hopes of a girl without friends, but Cora, fueled by the desire to have a heart like other children, just wants to hunt her fairy to turn her into a normal girl, without having to go through the threatening transplant operation that he once heard his father talk about.

While the other children her age play boyfriends and draw hearts to write the names of the lucky ones who like each other, Cora has no one and paints hearts in which only she fits.

After an unpleasant day at school in which she has once again been teased by her classmates, Cora decides to go in search of her fairy: first in the forest closest to her house (at dusk, when the fairies come out) and then in the town square, where the traditional Fiesta de Los Corazones is celebrated. Little Cora will understand, during this peculiar party, that what she needed to feel normal was not the help of some legendary beings, but to discover that another boy her age wants to be with her despite the fact that everyone considers her a robot girl. 

Direction: JuanMa V. Betancort, Paula Luna

Screenplay: Antonio Herrera

Music: Erlyn L. Borges

Production: JuanMa V. Betancort

Cinematography: Ivana Vladic

Editing: Paula Luna

Sound: Sara S. Gancedo

Art direction: Erlyn L. Borges

Cast: Helena Sempere, Aida Ballmann, Javier Suarez

Production company: Insularia Films (Canary Islands)

Country: Canary Islands, Spain

Support: Government of the Canary Islands, Cabildo Insular de Tenerife

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