The Time Between Seams


El tiempo entre costuras (The Time Between Seams) is a Spanish period drama television series produced by Boomerang TV for Antena 3. It is an adaptation of the same-titled novel by María Dueñas, wich tells us Sira Quirogas life story. She is a young fashion designer wich leaves Madrid before the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Destinies desire made her found a haute couture studio in Tetuan, at that time, the Spanish capital of its protectorate in Morocco. But soon, she will be involved in secret politic conspiracies…

Title: El tiempo entre costuras / The Time Between Seams

Gender: Drama. Romance. Aventure. Colonialism

Year: 2009

Seasons: 1 / Episodes: 11

Country: España

Cast: Adriana Ugarte, Peter Vives, Hannah New, Elvira Minguez, Rubén Cortada, Alba Flores, Carlos Santos, Elena Irureta, Pepa Rus, Tristán Ulloa, Mari Carmen Sanchez, David Muro, Francesc Garrido, Raúl Arévalo, Carlos Olalla, Filipe Duarte, Ben Temple, Jimmy Shaw

Director: Ignacio Mercero, Iñaki Peñafiel, Norberto López Amado

Script:  Susana López Rubio, Alberto Grondona, Carlos Montero

Production: Boomerang TV




  • Fotogramas de Plata: Adriana Ugarte, best tv actress
  • Premios Unión de Actores: Best actress for tv in the leading role, best supporting actor and actress in tv,…
  • Premios Zapping: Best actor


  • Premios Ondas: Adriana Ugarte, best actress in national fiction
  • Premios Iris: Best fiction, direction, actress, fotography and lightening, art director and set, production and music for tv.
  • Festival de televisión y radio de Vitoria: Best fiction


“Splendid, luxurious, original, and very beautiful. Technically outstanding and, for the Spanish standarts in tv productions, completely unknown. Menaing, the same story as always told like never before.” Alberto Rey: Diario El Mundo