The giant and the mermaid


In the middle of the night, Marcos embarks on his adventure: to reach room 23 without anyone seeing him, with the intention of reading a story to a woman in a coma. But the mission will not be easy for an eight year old leukemia patient.

Title: El gigante y la sirena | The giant and the mermaid

Genre: Fantasy

Country: Spain

Cast: Leo Ramal, Aïda Ballmann, Antonio de la Cruz and Francisco Vera

A production of Novilunio Music and Films in co-production with Papayanaranja
Sponsored by the Cabildo de Tenerife with the support of TEA (Tenerife Space of Arts) and the help of the Cabildo de El Hierro

Director: Roberto Chinet
Executive Producer: Roberto Chinet
Associate Producers: Nacho Navarro, Richard Pérez and Sebastian Bloom
Screenplay: Roberto Chinet
D.O.P.: Omar Caballero
Original music: Iván Capillas
Editing: Roberto Chinet
Sound Design: Nacho Arenas and Maiki Calvo
Art Direction: Anatael Pérez
3D and VFX composition: Kilian González
Colorist: Juan Hernando
Costume, makeup and hairdressing: Dailos González and Annie Rodríguez
Production Manager: Rumen Justo
Production Manager: Gara Delgado
Assistant Director: Jonathan González
Sound director: Miguel J. Aguilera
Gaffer / Electric: Gabriel García
Camera assistant: Guillermo Gil
Visual Effects: Chema Hernández
Art assistants: Ana Crespo and Myriam Cruz
Underwater Images: The Ocean Brothers

Publication about “The gigant and the marmaid” in El Día, en December 2015:

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