Short film

In a night of desperate escape, Alex appeals once more for Jairos help, it means a return to the darkest moments of his life. At Jairos, who now lives with Linda, the rancour between both revives the most sordid memories of their past, opening painful wounds.

Title: Podredumbres

Genre: Drama. Action. Suspense. Thriller

Year: 2014

Duration: 12 min

Country: Spain

Cast: Aïda Ballmann, Antonio Dechent, José Manuel Poga

Director, script, productor: Juan Carlos Guerra

Fotography: Adrián A. Márquez

Music: Maz Ianonne


  • Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva (España),
  • 3rd Delhi International Short Film Festival (India)


  • Big As Texas Short Film Festival (Texas)