Martina´s Room


Martina moves to a new neighbourhood. In her bag, two things: the memory of her mother engulfed in flames and a terrible power she acquired that same night. Martina can travel to the bodies of those who suffer fear and pain to feel what they suffer.
With this power she will have to save the lives of others and solve the mystery of her mother’s death… but only if she is ready to lose herself in this nightmare.

Title: Martina´s Room

Status: Movie in preproduction

Gender: Suspense. Intrigue. Thriller

Cast: Aïda Ballmann, Armando Jeréz, Vicente Ayala and Sofía Morales

Director: Aaron J. Melián

Script: Andrés Koppel y Aarón Melián

Fotography: Juanmi Márquez

Music: Fernando Ortí

Production: La creme films