Three women, actresses, Leticia Dolera, Clara Lago and Irene Escolar, travel to three places in the Atlantic as research for their next projects, following the trail of their characters. The physical journey will give way to the spiritual, after encountering people and places, exploring topics such as gender, race or nationality. Atlánticas is a Documentary series about the encounter with the other, a vindication of travel as a positive and transforming element in human beings. A look on the other side of the mirror.

Title: Atlánticas

Gender: Serie documental, 3 episodios

Year: 2018

Directors: Guillermo García López & Pedro González Kuhn

Script: Guillermo García López

Cast: Leticia dolera, Irene Escolar, Clara Lago, Aïda Ballmann,…

Production: Elvira Morales, Jesus Ulled Nadal, Helen Martí Donoghue

Music: Zeltia Montes

Photography: Pablo Bürmann

Edition: Iván Aledo

Makeup: Elena Artiles, Pati Martí Donoghue, Elena Pérez

Production Management: Raquel Ameijeiras, Ana Blázquez, Helen Martí Donoghue, Rafael Medrano, Francisco Del Rosario Pinilla, Primavera Ruiz

Art Department: Manuel Eslava Fajardo

Sound: José Luis Alcaine Bartolomé, José Antonio Bermúdez, Miguel Ángel Caprara

Camera & electrical Department: Iñaki Vargas, Jose Juan Gil Parro

Costume: Victoria Nogales