Änima is a universe built by human feelings. All the characters that gave colour to our childhood are still living there. This fantasy beings life abandoned and faded in an eternal limbo, waiting to be remembered, at least for a moment.

Ginko, one of the disturbed characters of Änima, tries to slip into reality through the only door.

The fantasy, once created by the girl MinAa, will be the only chance for these characters to accomplish their aim: To escape from that old universe called Änima and slip through to human reality. They will have to choose their destiny: Either stay for eternity worshipping the humans or wandering through their feelings, either stop believing in those little Gods and escape into the real word.

In that moment, a battle will start between the created fantasy and the dark feelings, to protect the humans from the illusion of fear.

Title: Änima

Status: Movie in preproduction

Genre: Magic realism

Cast: Aïda Ballmann, Carlós Pedrós, Aarón Domingo, Karla Hernández, Emilio González, Dailos González Hernández, Abraham Gomez Rosales, Anatael Pérez Hernández, Sofía M.Privitera, Norberto Trujillo, Víctor Hubara, José Luis de Madariaga,…

Script and direction: Cándido Pérez de Armas