Águila Roja


Águila Roja is a Spanish adventure tv series that combines plot and romance, produced by Globomedia for the Spanish tv. Released in 2009, it turned into a popular success, broadcasted also in the United Kindom and France.

The series is set in the Golden Age of Madrid, during Felipe IV reign (around 1660). The story tells the adventures of its protagonist Gonzalo de Montalvo (David Janer), who lives a double life: he´s a teacher during the day and a masked hero during the night.

Title: Águila Roja

Genre: Adventure

Period setting: Siglo XVII – 1661

Years of production: 2009 – 2016

Saisons: 9

Country: Spain

Creatives: Daniel Écija, Pilar Nadal, Ernesto Pozuelo, Juan Carlos Cueto

Cast: David Janer, Javier Gutiérrez, Inma Cuesta, Miryam Gallego, Francis Lorenzo, Santiago Molero, Guillermo Campra, Patrick Criado, Elisa Mouliaá, Xabier Elorriaga, José Ángel Egido, Eliana Sánchez.

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  • Festival de Televisión y Cine Histórico de León26: Best Revelation Actor: Guillermo Campra
  • Festival de cine y televisión de Islantilla: Best tv series
  • Festival de Televisión y Radio de Vitoria27 (Premio Pasión de Críticos): Best dramatic series
  • Premio TP de Oro13: Best national series
  • Premios ATV28: Best fiction program, best productor, best make up and characterisation, best art and scenography, best lightening and fotography direction.


  • Festival Internacional de Televisión y Cine de Nueva York13: Silver medal for the best action and adventure series
  • Festival Rose d’Or29: Best multi-platform contents
  • Premio Ondas30: Best national series
  • Premios Protagonistas: TV: David Janer
  • Premio TP de Oro13: Best national series
  • Premios CINE&TELE: Spanish tv program with audiece majotiry
  • Premios ATV33: Best art and scenography direction, best fotography and lightening direction.
  • Premios CineyMás: Best Spanish series, best actor: David Janer


  • Premios ACE (de la Asociación de Cronistas del Espectáculo de Nueva York34): Best character: Francis Lorenzo, year character in tv: Miryam Gallego
  • Fotogramas de Plata35: Best actress: Inma Cuesta
  • Premio Kapital36: Best fiction series
  • Premios Pétalo de Rosa de Cosmopolitan37: Best actress: Inma Cuesta
  • Premios CineyMás: Best Spanish tv series, best Spanish actor: David Janer, best Spanish actress: Miryam Gallego
  • Premios Pizquita Series: Best female acting in a Spanish dramatic series: Miryam Gallego, best soundtrack in Spanish series
  • Premio TP de Oro: Best national series, best actor: David Janer
  • Premios Unión de Actores: Best leading role in series: Javier Gutiérrez


  • Premios CineyMás: Best Spanish series, best male leading role David Janer, best female leading role: Inma Cuesta, best supporting actor: Javier Gutiérrez, best supporting actress: Miryam Gallego