Aïda Ballmann is a three time Best Actress award winning international versatile actress with german roots, born in Spain.

Fluent in Spanish, German and English thanks to her multidisciplinary professional training in acting, circus and the arts, she has performed in series like “El tiempo entre costuras”, “Águila Roja”, “Lo que escondían sus ojos” and “Brigada de fenómenos” and performed the main role in movies like “The extraordinary tale”, “Lebwohl Paradies”, “La velocidad de nuestros pensamientos” and “Los europeos”.

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    Why am I an actress?

To tell stories about our present and about our history, about what worries us and makes us happy, what makes us angry and what hurts us. About what constitutes a conflict that we still cannot resolve. About the the road to the future we choose as humanity.

Individual stories in which we are all reflected, through which we see ourselves from the outside and purge ourselves. Stories that motivate us to self-reflection, to become aware that leads us to act in a different way and to lighten our existence. Stories that speak to the audiences’ heart, that awaken tolerance, understanding and humanity, instead of judgment. Stories that have wings for the imagination to avoid, for a while, the reality.